Monday, March 16, 2015

Nevada Legislator Advocacy Day, 5 New Laws. One Day to Spread the Word.

Alzheimer's Advocacy Day. 3-16-2015
March 16, 2015 is Alzheimer's Advocacy Day. Located at my state capital in Carson City Nevada I showed up bright and early at 8 \am. This day is dedicated to meeting with legislators, there aides and understanding new policies and laws pertaining to Alzheimer's that are up for the legislative  session.
Today the different laws that I learned about and helped introduce to Assemblymen, Assemblywoman and Senators were the following:
1)Bill (Committee on Health and Human Services) Provide: Caregivers with Information and Training to Ease Hospital Transitions. This bill designates that a patient can name a caregiver that the hospital can continue to share discharge treatment with the patient to help them. The object here is if the patient is capable of designating a caregiver being that they are not to far progressed. HIPAA compliance issues have been addressed with in the bill. Over all this would help with the continuation of care for the patient.

Left to Right: Myself, Senator Greg Brower, Team Captain Cathy
2)AB9 (Assembly Committee on Judiciary) Protects Persons with Dementia from Financial Abuse by Legal Guardians. The goal here is to protect the patient. The one thing that had to be understood when it came to financial abuse was that the courts decided the patients needed to have 10K or more. This over all helps patients that have assets so that they are not taking advantage of by a caregiver or guardian when it comes to there fiances.

Left to Right: Team Capital Cathy, Myself,
Daniel Stewart-Policy Analyst Assembly Leader
 to Assemblyman
Paul Anderson

3) SCR 2 (By Hardy) Encourages Dementia -Specific Training for Health Care Providers and First Res-ponders. This is a fabulous bill! This bill encourages extra training for first res-ponders when it comes to a Dementia patient. This is both beneficial to the patient, families and healthcare workers involved. The reality is that as the disease with Dementia patient progress so does treatment for these patients. If first res-ponders or other hospital staff do not have proper care when treating these patients, it can make it difficult for both parties. Having extra treatment and education for these healthcare workers would be a huge incentive in understanding different techniques for treatment of patient and how to deal with the patients.

Advocate Bob, Myself Assemblywoman Victoria, and team Captain Cathy.
4) AB 223 (O'Neille) Protect Persons with Dementia from Negligence by Caregivers. It seems all to often the elderly and Dementia/Alzheimer's patients are targets when it comes to Negligence. Even more important is that these individuals that take advantage of these patients by abusing them or exploiting them need to be prosecuted with either a misdemeanor or felony charge. I fully support this. As elderly patients need to be protected from the predators of the world.

Advocate Bob, Mark Sprinkle for Assemblyman Edwards,
Myself and Team Captain Cathy
5)AB 325 (Sprinkle) Protect Person with Dementia from Financial Abuse by Paid Guardian. Some family dynamics when it comes to Alzheimer's patients can be very difficult. One of these that can come up can be having a paid guardian. A paid guardian is a third party that is hired to care for patient who is unable to care for themselves. Part of there responsibility as a guardian is financial responsibility when it comes to the patient. However sometimes these Guardians are over looked and they take advantage of a patient. I fully support this bill as this is an extra layer of security for the patient.

Ready to Start the Day!

Left to Right: Team Captain Cathy, Advocate Bob, Tracy Davis for
Assemblyman Hickey & Myself.
It was exciting to learn about these bills as well as help educate my state leaders on why myself and the National Alzheimer's association support these state bills in Nevada.

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